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Civil & Complex Litigation

Oklahoma Civil and Complex Litigation Attorneys
Complex Lawsuits • Energy Law • Contract Disputes

Are you involved in a legal dispute?

Mahaffey & Gore’s Litigation Department represents both plaintiffs and defendants in a wide variety of matters at the trial and appellate levels in both state and federal courts, as well as administrative proceedings before the Oklahoma Corporation Commission and various agencies.

Mahaffey & Gore is based in Oklahoma City, representing producers, interest owners and land owners statewide. Our litigation partners and associates have substantial experience before both judges and juries. The highly experienced trial attorneys of our civil and complex litigation law firm have won favorable verdicts for clients on a wide array of oil, gas and mineral issues. Much of the litigation handled by our Firm is business-related, particularly business law litigation relating to the oil and gas industry:

  • Class action lawsuits (plaintiff or defense)
  • Contractual disputes: gas marketing disputes, lease cancellations, acquisitions, title disputes, joint operating disputes, farmout agreements
  • Products liability claims
  • Property disputes, including surface damages in oil and gas development
  • Pollution lawsuits
  • Torts and similar types of cases
  • Qui Tam actions to enforce federal rights and regulations as well as Federal False Claims Act litigation
  • Gas mismeasurement and Federal False Claims Act litigation

While energy law and oil and gas development is our special focus, our seasoned trial lawyers can handle any commercial or business dispute. We are capable and experienced in complex litigation issues, including multi-district litigation involving oil, gas, or mineral rights. Mahaffey & Gore’s attorneys have been integral to class action suits in Oklahoma and across the country.

If you or your company is facing legal action, let our highly respected and experienced trial attorneys be a powerful partner to protect your interests. Contact our Oklahoma civil and complex litigation law firm today to begin resolving any litigation concerns today!