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Oil & Gas Title Opinions

Division Order • Drilling • Well Bore • Seismic Evaluation

The Oklahoma City law firm of Mahaffey & Gore, P.C., is thorough and adept at researching, drafting, and reviewing title opinions for producers and interest owners in the Oklahoma oil and gas industry. Our experienced energy law attorneys protect clients against developing or investing in wells with uncommitted interest, and prevent future lawsuits caused by careless or non-existent title work.

There may be hundreds of people with an interest in an oil well or natural gas well. If you are purchasing or selling oil and gas property, you should have a title opinion to clarify and preserve your legal rights. If you are drilling a well, you need a drilling title opinion and/or well bore title opinion. If you have a producing well, you need a division order title opinion to avoid lawsuits over the distribution of output and proceeds from oil and gas production. Mahaffey & Gore, P.C., can produce a full title opinion or a limited opinion to address a particular issue.

Mahaffey and Gore handles Oklahoma oil and gas title opinions regarding:

  • Preparation of acquisition, drilling, and division order title opinions based on abstracts or stand-up examination
  • Acquisitions of interests
  • Contract and conveyance interpretation
  • Ownership disputes
  • Ownership percentage determination
  • Probate and Heirship determinations

We also handle lease negotiations and pipeline easement negotiations with surface owners, seismic evaluations, and other property issues relating to oil and gas titles.

Let us use our skills and years of title experience to provide you with a title opinion containing the information you need to make the proper business decisions. Each of the attorneys entrusted with your title work will provide you with a thoroughly detailed and accurate opinion tailored to fit your particular needs. We can provide you with advice, counseling, and representation in all aspects oil and gas contracts and litigation and assist you in clearing up title problems, gaps or probate and heirship determinations.

Contact the oil and gas title opinion lawyers of Mahaffey & Gore, P.C., today to handle your legal needs. Call 405-694-4472 or send us a message online today.