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Oklahoma Property Issues And Disputes Attorneys

At Mahaffey & Gore, P.C., we represent land owners, lessors, oil and gas explorers and others in a variety of property disputes. If you have questions about surface damage, title and lease disputes, pollution claims, trespass, sub-surface trespass or boundary line disputes, our firm can help.

Founded in 1980, Mahaffey & Gore, P.C., has established a reputation as one of the preeminent energy law firms in Oklahoma. We have more seasoned energy law attorneys than even the largest Oklahoma law firms. Across the board, no other firm in Oklahoma matches our experience in the area of energy law.

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Surface Damages

The issue of surface damages is addressed in the Oklahoma Surface Damages Act. While one individual may own the surface of property, another may own the land below the surface. This can become a complicated legal situation when the surface of the property may be damaged by oil or gas exploration.

Our attorneys represent both operators and surface owners in surface damage claims. If surface damage has or may occur due to exploration, please contact our firm to ensure your rights are fully protected. We also provide dedicated assistance to clients who are being denied access to their mineral rights.

Property Disputes

Our lawyers represent oil and gas companies, as well as all land owners in title and lease disputes. We also handle matters involving contracts, acquisitions, oil and gas deeds, land matters, drilling and division and more.

Pollution Claims

We protect the interests of Oklahoma land owners, operators and interest owners involved in a variety of environmental law matters. We understand the complex system of state and federal environmental laws that affect the best interests our individual and business clients. If you are facing a matter involving groundwater contamination, surface damage or other type of pollution, please contact our firm for dedicated representation.

Handling A Variety Of Land And Property Disputes

  • Do you have a boundary line or sub-surface trespass dispute?
  • Is there a problem with the title to your land or mineral interest?
  • Do you need access to your mineral interest, but that access has been refused by other property owners?
  • Has someone cut timber or damaged crops on your land?

We can help you with these and many other energy law issues. Whatever problem you encounter, we have probably already dealt with that issue for another client. Allow us to help you resolve your problem. Contact us now by calling 405-694-4472 or sending us a message online. We can begin resolving your energy concerns today.