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Oklahoma Oil And Gas Law Attorneys

The oil and gas industry comprises a significant part of the Oklahoma economy. Families have passed down oil and gas interests for more than a century. Today, unconventional oil sources such as shale exploration are providing new opportunities for energy companies and landowners alike.

At Mahaffey & Gore, P.C., we have deep roots in the Oklahoma oil and gas industry and stay abreast of developments in this evolving area of law. If you are seeking guidance for an oil and gas law matter or gas and oil exploration, our lawyers are here for you.

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Oil And Gas Law Solutions

The stakes are high in oil and gas law matters. A mistake or oversight could prove very costly. Do not trust your case to a firm that does not have extensive experience in this area of law.

At Mahaffey & Gore, P.C., we do not dabble in oil and gas law. We have devoted our practice to it for more than 40 years. The scope of our oil and gas law practice includes:

  • Oil and gas litigation: Including disputes over royalties, ownership, surface damages, heirship determinations, titles and leases.
  • Oil and gas transactions: Including oil and gas contracts, lease negotiations and surface damages, and seismic exploration negotiations.
  • Regulatory practice: Including matters before the Oklahoma Corporation Commission.
  • Oil and gas title opinions: We research, draft and review title opinions for producers and interest owners in the Oklahoma oil and gas industry.

Unconventional Oil

In addition to legal matters concerning conventional oil, we also represent clients in issues pertaining to unconventional oil. One source of unconventional oil, oil shale, has given rise to a number of contentious legal disputes as landowners and environmental activists are concerned with the environmental impact of horizontal drilling, fracking and other extraction techniques.

Our lawyers have the technical knowledge to firmly grasp the facts underlying unconventional oil disputes. We have the legal skill to protect our clients’ interests. If you are a landowner, energy company, or anyone with interest in shale oil or other unconventional oil, we can provide you with the guidance you need.

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