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Surface Damages

At Mahaffey & Gore, P.C., we represent operators and surface owners in all surface damages claims. The Oklahoma Surface Damages Act was passed to protect the interests of both surface owners and mineral lessors. Our firm is committed to protecting the interests of clients on either side of a surface damages dispute.

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Whenever a piece of property is leased for exploration, the lessee has the right to go out and drill on that property. However, this exercise often causes damage to the surface of the land — damage to crops and land, pollution, damage caused by pipelines, etc.

The issue of surface damages is addressed in the Oklahoma Surface Damages Act. While one individual may own the surface of property, another may own the land below the surface. This can rapidly become a complicated legal situation when surface damages occur.

How We Can Help

  • Are you an oil and gas operator negotiating with a landowner for the use of a portion of a surface estate to drill an oil and gas well?
  • Are you a lessor or operator accused of causing surface damages during exploration?
  • Are you a surface owner whose property may have been damaged by oil or gas exploration or drilling activities?
  • Are you an operator who is being denied access to your mineral interests?

At Mahaffey & Gore, P.C., we represent both operators and surface owners who are involved in a surface damages claim. Although the lessee can drill on the property they are leasing, they are ultimately responsible for compensating the surface owner for any damage done to the surface property. If you are a lessee or surface owner we can explain the legalities of the Oklahoma Surface Damages Act and how these laws affect you.

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