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Oklahoma Corporation Commission

Oklahoma Corporation Commission Attorneys
Oil and Gas Regulation Compliance • Pooling and Spacing

Do you need representation before the Corporation Commission?

The Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC) regulates oil and gas drilling within the State of Oklahoma. It administers such matters as pooling or spacing applications, location exceptions, unitization, and the drilling of increased density wells. The OCC also enforces environmental laws and oil and gas conservation rules.

The founders of our firm, Greg Mahaffey and Richard Gore, have each represented oil and gas clients before the Corporation Commission for more than 25 years. Our representation covers both the normal applications for oil and gas drilling activities, as well as protests by oil and gas companies, land owners, or mineral owners on these matters. Both of these seasoned attorneys capably take these matters from routine application through Corporation Commission appeals (including appeals to the Oklahoma Supreme Court if necessary) to satisfy the needs or our clients.

Whether you are an oil and gas company, landowner, or mineral rights owner, Mahaffey & Gore, P.C. extends more than 50 years of combined experience to clients to ensure their rights are protected and their interests are asserted before the OCC. Our lawyers deal on a daily basis with Corporation Commission matters and disputes to achieve the resolution you need.

  • All aspects of oil and gas conservation per OCC regulations
  • Administrative litigation involving non-compliance
  • Application and review of pooling orders
  • Application and review of spacing orders
  • OCC mandated well site cleanup
  • Location exceptions (applications and challenges)
  • Unitization plans and orders
  • Applications for increased density wells
  • Applications for oil and gas drilling activities
  • Protests of oil and gas drilling activities

Contact the experienced energy law attorneys of Mahaffey & Gore, P.C. about your issue before the Oklahoma Corporation Commission.